KÖR und Danksagung Wien

KÖR Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Wien financed Episode II of IWPNT based at the Wiener Trabrenn-Verein e.V. at the Krieau. Their journey emerged through the prelude in the Cultural Center Strombeek, curated by Charlotte Crevits towards Vienna in June & July ’22 and will be followed by a visit to Italy at the sculpture garden Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri and further Episodes. In addition to the unannounced performances of Sandra Hauser and Don Orèo in the public space there will be short and spontaneously announced appearances and space activations of Sandra Hauser happening along the Episodes in regional locations. We want to express our deep gratitude to KÖR Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Wien, Stadt Wien, DiT, Theurer Transporte, Steiner Foundation Munich, NeustartKultur fond, BBK Bundesverband, Sattlerei Guido Netzer, Stiftung Kunstfonds and Sophie Waldburg.