Episode I

The prelude to this just emerging journey took place at the invitation of the directress Charlotte Crevits at the cultural centre Cc Strombeek in Belgium. During their stay the two artists performed the Belgium countryside and examined their very first nights walks in public space.

The landscape around Gaasbeek, where Hauser had the possibility to life and work at the residency space of Cc Strombeek called “The School of Gaasbeek”, was the perfect space to share their first experiences with the public. In the end of the performing period of “I Would Prefer Not To” Sandra Hauser held a talk with philosopher Anna Luyten about Walking, Wandering and the Beauty of Failure.

In addition to the unannounced performances of Sandra Hauser and Don Orèo in public space, the exhibition space of Cc Strombeek was activated by the artist from 11 to 19 May. Objects, artworks, images, the IWPNT working table and the film documentation about the Episode O, the training phase of Don Orèo and Sandra Hauser where laid out in the exhibition space in order to prepare the space for the arriving of Don in Strombeek.



Photos: Kristien Daem

Activation of CcStrombeek Expo

Artist Talk “About Walking, Wandering and the Beauty of Failure” with philosopher Anna Luyten at De School van Gaasbeek 

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Ongoing performance in public space in the Bavarian countryside
in between the 10.06. – 20.06.22
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