Episode III

Sommeratelier residency, Kunstraum München

This year, based on its program for the 50th anniversary, the Kunstraum is offering its upper and first floors to two guests at the same time as a summer studio. This format, which has become traditional, allows locally active artists to use Kunstraum München as a working space during its summer break. At the end of the month-long residency, an Open Studio takes place.

Open Studio: Mittwoch, 30. August, 5 till 10 pm

Holzstraße 10, Glockenbachviertel, Munich

11.08.2023, 5 pm, Walked tour & Talk “The Wolpertinger Project”

with Irene Bauer-Conrad, Gabi Blum & Sandra Hauser moderated by Lena von Geyso (Public Art Munich)
In the context of The Wolpertinger Project by Gabi Blum

Departing from Menzinger Straße 118, Munich

The Wolpertinger Project questions and comments on the controversial situation in Munich’s Ober- and Untermenzing, where plots of land in the Neulustheim estate between Waldhorn-, Lechel-, and Menzinger Strasse have reverted to the state of Bavaria after 100 years of hereditary lease and are currently partially unused. The central element is the backdrop of a fragmentary house facade, which is set up on one of the vacant lots. It is the starting point for further interventions in the neighborhood and is accompanied by audiovisual research. The project develops a poetic inventory of a neighborhood in transition and interacts with the residents. It deals with the past and a speculative future of the neighborhood. Tours, screenings and hearings with other guests are planned, as well as a small revival of the former forestry Wolpertinger.

We are more than happy to be invited and part of “The Wolpertinger Project” by Gabi Blum today, tour & talk at 5 pm, meeting point Menzinger Straße 118. We will walk to prominent highlights in the neighborhood and discuss a few houses (old, new, empty, disappeared) with their owners or neighbors, to finally stop at Irene Bauer-Conrad in Lechelstraße and get a studio tour. With bats and horse apples. The Giesinger Brauerei will donate a few beers and there will be handmade Obazda, plus an artist talk moderated by Lena von Geyso with Irene Bauer-Conrad, Gabi Blum and Sandra Hauser, as well as video screenings in the garage.

This is the last event of The Wolpertinger Project. To know more about and follow the project: http://www.gabiblum.de/WOLPERTINGER.html

Instagram @the.wolpertinger.project

From today till 30.08. we will perform in Ober- and Untermenzing walking on the path of “The Wolpertinger Project” and its findings to give the place a last polish of western …

Would I prefer not to be calm and coucou?
Would I prefer not to be at the sea?

Would I prefer not to have success?
Would I prefer not to announce?
Would I prefer not to go against my inner truth?
Would I prefer not to get lost?

Would I prefer not to dream?
Would I prefer not to bite with my teeth?
Would I prefer not to buck her off?

Would I prefer not to panicking around?
Would I prefer not to get the infusion?

Would I prefer not to travel around?
Would I prefer not to be free?
Would I prefer not to be me?
Would I prefer not to be you?
Would I prefer not to love?
Would I prefer not to die?
Would I prefer not to lie?
Would I prefer not to?


Performances in Schwabing-Freimann:

We get lost on the long way to Sacramento like Zorro, Gringo and Zapata in Münchner G’schichten by Helmut Dietl once did …

Starting point: historical medical animal clinic of the LMU Munich Veterinärstraße 13, Munich
25.08. / 27.08. / 31.08. / 03. or 04.09. depends on weather we will be present from 7pm at the clinic for a meet & greet before we start walking

Starting point: Metropol Theater Munich 07.09

Sustained by Bezirk Schwabing-Freimann